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From the Desk of Brad Hackert:

In addition to teaching restaurant operators the ins and outs of using profit building systems, I see my role as a facilitator between independent owners and their management teams. I know for a restaurant to successfully implement systems, the whole team has to be on board and believe in their importance. My background in restaurant management gives me a unique eye for seeing things from both perspectives in the restaurant, allowing me to motivate based on each one’s own benefits.

Prior to joining the David Scott Peters coaching team at The Restaurant, I was the manager for a tourist hot spot in Ludington, Mich. Following a trip to Las Vegas for the “How to Run a Profitable Restaurant” workshop, I learned the importance of systems through direct implementation in my own restaurant. I saw incredible results from implementing just one system – the labor budgeting system – and I knew I had struck gold. My restaurant increased sales that first summer by $30,000. To my delight, I increased profit by an astounding $97,000! I quickly went on to implement several more systems including a training program which decreased turnover and strengthened human resource functions. As more and more systems were checked off my list, my business became more profitable, more efficient and a better place for employees to work. When looking back on my experiences with implementing operational systems the first time around, I remember the hardest thing for me was just to start something. For people to break out of their routine and comfort zone is always a challenge, but that’s why I’m excited to be in a situation that enables me to help other restaurateurs do exactly this!

Fast forward over five years, fifty-plus implementation trips, and dozens of other onsite visits since the program was initially launched under and I'm still at it taking to the streets helping restaurant and bar owners just like you! Recently, I took the proven systems I've been teaching independent restaurant owners and managers and put them to use for my own benefit. This has resulted in the successful opening of two new restaurants near my hometown in Michigan. I look forward to tailoring my extensive background knowledge in the implementation process to your restaurant’s unique needs!